JIASHAN LAB INSTRUMENTS CO.,LTD. was established in 2004 and is a wholly foreign-owned enterprise. The company independently produces hardness testers, metallographic equipment and consumables. The company has more than 200 distributors at home and abroad, providing high-quality material preparation and testing solutions for more than 2,000 customers. The company's metallographic consumables are complete domestically, and the quality and performance of many products such as polishing fluids and cold mounting materials have reached the level of similar foreign products, which can completely replace imports. The company exclusively customizes the sounding Brinell hardness tester, instrumental Blowi hardness tester, pencil hardness tester, gypsum hardness tester, wood hardness tester, automatic ball indentation hardness tester, intergranular corrosion tester, and low acid according to customer requirements. Corrosion equipment, electrolytic polishing corrosion instrument, end quenching machine and other equipment meet the needs of users.

Our Mission

Testing is easy.

Corporate Values

People-oriented, abide by integrity, take responsibility, and innovate.

Corporate Slogan

Naibo is better. Testing is easier.